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C.O.P. UK "Crimes Of Passion" KISS OF AN ANGEL EP – 2015

1. Kiss Of An Angel (brand-new track)
2. My Blood (brand-new track)
3. Blown Away
4. Blackened Heart
5. Kiss Of An Angel (road to Wacken video)
6. Blown Away (official video)
C.O.P. UK "To Die For" TO DIE FOR – 2011

1. Be Still,My Beating Heart
2. I Dare You To Try
3. Dream Again
4. Love is to Die For
5. Accidents Happen, Even Here
6. Body and Soul
7. I Think I Can Save You
8. Sacrifice, No Questions Why
9. Blackened Heart
10. Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
11. Hell and Back
12. Blown Away
13. Be Careful What You Wish For


C.O.P. UK "Crimes Of Passion" CRIMES OF PASSION – 2008

1. A Thousand Strong
2. The Me I Lost
3. God Made Me Your Angel
4. Unbreakable
5. Fight You on My Own
6. Die Alone
7. Pretty In Blood
8. Breathless and Beautiful
9. Where No One Speaks Your Name
10. Exit Wound
11. Dream of Me



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